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Associations and youth organisations

The youth cafe has a room reserved for using of local youth organisations, NGO’s and associations, which are in need for a place to do activities, hold meeting etc.

The following guidelines apply to use the room. Please contact the project manager for any questions regarding this.


Rules for use of the NGO room:

• Groups, which haven’t used the NGO room previously should first be approved by the project manager by giving in a 1 page application describing the activities of the youth group/association/organization with contact details.

• Groups with a majority of participants under 26 may book the room up till 6 weeks before their meeting. Other groups may book the room only 2 weeks in advance, and only if no youth groups are using the facilities.

• The NGO room must be booked with the project manager of the café (tel. +421 31 555 26 12 | 0915 214648 ). One person from the group should be appointed as responsible for borrowing the room on behalf of the group. This person is responsible for any damages made to the room.

• All groups must leave the room in clean condition after using it and lock the door afterwards. Tables and chairs must be placed as they were arranged before hand, the floor should be swept, the black board cleaned and the tables washed. By not doing so, the group may risk to be banned from using the room in the future.

• If the room is not cleaned up when the group starts, this should be reported to the staff person on duty in the youth café.

• No smoking or alcohol is allowed.